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    About Us

    PromisingChem (under the trademark “PLMineral”) is an export-bound enterprise with focus on trace element and its premix. Ever since 2003, PromisingChem has been working to produce and sell feed additive products across global countries.

    Thanks to the coherent application of the simplistic business philosophy of “honesty, cooperation, and win-win results”, we have established a set of stable supply chain assurance system that allows for close, sound business growth through partnership with more than 300 oversea clients in over 60 countries, regardless of the changes and uncertainties in trade barrier, currency exchange rate, environmental policies, political and economic relationships. The total exports of sulfate products containing zinc, manganese, iron and copper are on the increase every year. For consecutive years, PromisingChem has been rated as a famous exported supplier in North America. Moreover, it maintains a high level of cooperation with the world’s leading users of feed additives all the year round. Whether in conventional European and American markets or in emerging markets like South Africa and South America, PromisingChem has been an active participator who makes infinite efforts in product improvement.

    In 2011, PromisingChem passed IS0 9001 quality system certification and FAMI-QS (European Feed Additives and PreMixtures Quality System) certification. At the same time, our manufacturing and operating activities are in conformity with Food safety management system-Requirements for organizations throughout the food chain of HACCP. Over the 15 years of export activities, we have gained a wealth of experience in compliance and market access. In particular, the implementation of Directive of the European Commission on undesirable substances in animal feed, Directive of the European Commission on Feed Hygiene Regulation, CIP rules and other codes and standards enables us to make due contribution to the popularity of made-in-China micro-element additives.


    “Nourish the life, convey the value, and benefit the society” is the core value of PromisingChem people. With the acceleration of industry intensification and supply side reform, it is a new trend for the feed additive sector to provide a product package comprising safe, efficient, nutritious and eco-friendly feed additive/pre-mixtures. Based on the company’s existing scale procurement and technically supported by the eminent expert team, we apply cutting-edge micro-element pre-mix technologies to the better development of pre-mixture products for our customers. “Safety, eco-friendliness, and precise nutrition” is our quality policy. The cause which has been the pursuit of our people and our company is like our products: “synergistic, not antagonistic”. The partners we closely work with have become part of this great yet common farming cause, a cause that nourishes the life.



    Promising Minerals Co., Ltd.
    Tel: +86-731-84872016
    Email: jacksong@promisingchem.com
    Promising Chemicals Co., Ltd.
    Tel: +86-731-85328848
    Email: sales@promisingchem.com

    PLMineral Liaison Office in Canada
    Tel: +86-604-636-4698
    Email: sales@promisingchem.com
    Better Chemicals (Hong Kong) Co.,LTD
    Email: mavis@promisingchem.com

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